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The Wound of Betrayal

I believe the wound of betrayal is a part of our human inheritance. It’s something we were born into, passed down from the lineage of those before us.

For most of us, our human experience of betrayal begins at a young age.

The experience of not being met, nurtured and supported in the ways we truly needed by our parents, is to varying degrees - a form a betrayal.

As we mature, the experience of self-betrayal begins and grows.

I believe it is a conscious choice we make at some point in our lives - to mark the end of betraying ourself. But sometimes, it can be hard to truly see the ways in which we are doing so; to see through the distortions of our own intelligent mechanisms.

As is many times the case, we need to learn the hard way. We need life to point us with such clarity and precision, that we are forced to see. That we are forced to turn towards ourselves with such tenderness, and feel all the pain and hurt from moments and memories past.

Sometimes we need to experience the cut of another, to feel the wound that has always been there.

I believe betrayal is a two way contract. The agreement of ‘betrayer’ and ‘betrayed’ is a sacred agreement that has its fingers pointing in both directions - inviting both parties to look at where this energy lives within them.

I believe this is a time for us as women to alchemize the wound of betrayal within us and familiarize ourselves with the patterns of self-betrayal, witnessing how this energy ripples into our lives, informing our actions and choices.

I believe that within the expression of betrayal lives the energy of avoidance and fear, and when tenderly presenced and digested, transforms into maturity and responsibility, two of the primary ingredients in the reclamation of Majesty.

In my understanding and exploration of Betrayal, it is a path of making choices at the expense of hurting someone or something else, including that someone being our Self.

When we are able to be in the honest and compassionate inner inquiry with ourselves and see the ways we’ve been self-abandoning and self-betraying, we are given the opportunity to alchemize this energy into a greater sense of self-love, self-tending and wholeness, supporting us in more responsible and respectful choices. This inquiry and healing also extends to our ancestral line.

May we recognize the power we have in our choices, and our creative capacity to create a life of Beauty, Love and Truth. Tending to the wound of betrayal, begins with ending the betrayal of our selves.

I’m a stand for walking in a world where women have the courage and capacity to make clean relational choices that don’t harm others. I’m a stand for walking in a world where vulnerability and intimacy, with self and with other, become the antidote, the transformational path out of betrayal into Love.

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Dea Million
Dea Million
Nov 26, 2022

So perfect! Thank you! I've recently felt betrayed and this is helping me to look inward more. I've been praying Hoʻoponopono which has been helping, but your words are extending the healing!

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