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 Commencing in 2025

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A Loving Journey into Deeper Embodiment
             to Nourishing Life
       & to Resting in a Deeper Surrender to the Mystery of our Becoming


This Group container is a space of

Initiation, Remembrance, and Discovery. 


It is a space of cultivating presence and power through the path of nourishment and love.  


Authentic power is a filling out of one's life force energy. 

It does not need to push, prove, or please.

It is. 

Presence is a widening.

An expanding of one's capacity to be with what is. 

They require a return to the body and in my experience, involve the womb, a relationship with one's sexuality, Earth and ancestral connection, and an awareness of one's relational patterns.

It is a Journey deeply inward.  

It asks for the ways of ritual and ceremony

 and inspires more beauty and creativity.






And it can't be done alone.  


Hi there, Beautiful Woman. 


My name is Ava, and I'm delighted to be at the head of the ship for this 6-month journey. In the times when I led ayahuasca retreats for women, I could sense the emergent future that was wanting to be born through us as female bodies.  I could feel the movement towards resurrecting our place as leaders, as tenders of community, and as voices of Earth wisdom. Leading together, in harmony, inspired by the Majesty of Nature. In my years studying and healing relational/developmental trauma, I've come to see how essential refined relational awareness is in the process of returning to our authentic voice and way of being in the world. It is a journey that asks us to turn towards all parts of our human experience with curiosity and kindness. Resting and letting go into the movement of life, and the deeper intelligences that are guiding our path. 

It is time. 


This Journey is for female bodies who:

  • Believe in the return to earth-based wisdom ways, and living in harmony with the natural world

  • Are ready to develop more awareness around their emotion and feeling body and welcome more of the feeling into their life

  • Desire to deepen in intimacy with the body and eros, and the instrument of the voice

  • Want to prioritize their relationship with their sexuality, and their own life force energy

  • Are ready to deepen in integrity, transparency, coherence and congruency

  • Wish to develop relational competencies 

  • Want to step into a more aligned relationship with life

  • Develop precision in language; being able to communicate that which you are feeling and sensing with greater clarity 

  • Refine your compass and expand your capacity to feel and sense

  • Claim their desires and create space in their life to let them live

  • Who are ready to ritualize their life and claim their service to the sacred and the subtle

  • For Women who are ready to walk the path of the artist and the lover, and commit to discovering who they are as a creative being


Foundational Principles of this Process


- Inner Spaciousness - 


- Body/Earth as #1 Teacher

- Voice as Bridge Between Worlds -


​- Relational Attunement - 


- womb wisdom & ancestral Intimacy   -


- Grief as Ally -  

- ​Pleasure as a Devotional Path -


Connection to Eros -


- ​Life as Canvas - 

Image by Dana Ward

there is a lot of life happening right now, for everyone. The collective field is increasing in complexity and speed. let's clarify what matters to us, simplify, and devote ourself to embodying that which we value.

| Our Journey |

Our Journey begins with an in-person retreat to connect in body and anchor in our group field. Here, we will dive into ritual embodiment practices, highlighting our relationship with our voice, our body, our sexuality, and our experience of relationships. We will be guided through a grief ritual to honor the importance of grieving communally in this time. 
​We will stay connected via Zoom, both in our group calls and through dyad relationships, until we close.​

This process is for a small circle of women to ensure a feeling of safety as we touch tender places within and deepen in authenticity and intimacy with Self.

The Terrain

There is no clear structure for this Journey we are taking, but rather a sense of the path and devotion to listening to the field of life and the group field constellation.


This is a huge part of the work, Dear Sisters ~ not planning, but rather listening, and trusting. Supporting our nervous systems in our capacity for presence and meeting ourselves, responding to life and the energy of the moment. 


Having said that, each month, you will receive a theme resonant with the energies in the collective field. You will be invited to walk with those inquiries and include practices in your daily/weekly rituals.  Of course, life is the medicine, and we bow to the themes and teachings that your personal life is offering you, first and foremost.

Trail in Woods

Here are some themes and topics we will presence during our Journey. 

Stillness, Subtlety, & Bridging the Relational field

Self-Attunement. Relationship to Body and to Feeling. Vulnerability, Softness & Being Seen. Presence & Intimacy. Self Contact & Somatic Sensing. Relationship to Relationships. Exploring Relational Patterns.

Honoring the Sacred Fire | Cultivating Erotic Aliveness

Honoring Anger. Emotional Heat & Restoring Space. Intimacy with Fears and Needs. Self-Trust & Mis-Trust. Sexual Energy, & our relationship to ourselves as erotic beings, and how we do or don't express this energy in our lives. This section will invite sexuality practices, and the potential use of wands to support vaginal healing. 

Honoring the sacred waters | Emotional Intimacy & Flow

Cultivating an intimate connection to our inner waters. Allowing space for hurts, and for an honest relationship with loneliness and belonging. Creating Intimacy with our rhythmic nature, prioritizing rituals to nourish our yin nature, and our capacity to receive. 

Earthing & Blooming | Returning to the Mother

What is our relationship to the Earth and to the Mother? How grounded do we feel in our body? What is our relationship to nourishment, to our sense of worthiness, and our capacity to Mother ourself. Widening our perspective to include our ancestral web into our personal identity. 

Breath of Voice | Freedom to Be

Heightening our relationship with our voice and what it is revealing about our connection to our Self. Walking with personal inquiries around congruency and integrity. Cultivating Kindness and Self-Compassion. We will be diving into vocal practices to explore the instrument of our voice as a channel and bridge between our inner and outer worlds.

Transitioning & Reviving Rites of Passage

Honoring What Was. Storytelling & Sensemaking. Alchemizing Ancestral Legacy. Letting Go & Leading with Heart. Midwifing the Future.


Times of change can be lonely.  

Let’s gather in the spirit of aliveness, humanness, and togetherness, guided by the mysterious and magical forces within us, around us, and between us.


If you're feeling the echos of your heart
resonating in your cells,
calling your presence in

Then email AVA@SACREDHEART.EARTH to express your interest in joining this Sacred Journey. Please feel welcome to express any questions that are present.



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