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In Service to That Which Emanates From the Origin

6 Month Group Mentorship
Process for Women
September 2023

“Nothing is invented, for it’s written in nature first. 
Originality consists of returning to the origin. ”

~ Antoni Gaudi 

This is for the medicine women, the sensitive, strong-hearted women of devotion who are committed to the path of alignment, integrity, deep listening, creative living, harmonious relating, and the way of beauty.


This is for the women who want to deepen and rise into this new time, with a greater sense of presence and trust. 


This is for the women who want to mature their inner landscape and welcome more feeling and sensitivity, to serve the world with a refined quality of sensing, in the spirit of generosity and kindness. 


If this is you, I’m so happy you’re here. 

Dramatic Leaves

This Journey

                                     will be an Initiation. An Activation. A Sacred Passage into your Authentic Way.  An Upward Spiraling into a new and emergent expression of your Soul Path and Purpose. There is no clear structure for this Journey we are taking, but rather a sense of the path and a devotion to listening to the field of life and the group field constellation.


This is a huge part of the work, Dear Sisters ~ not planning, but rather listening, and trusting. Supporting our nervous systems in our capacity for presence and meeting ourselves, responding to life and the energy of the moment. Cultivating the safety and ground within ourselves to be present and available to listen and respond to what life is inviting. In our capacity to be with what is, we are able to co-arise with the movement of life and be a clear and congruent voice for it. In doing so, we are in the aligned and authentic expression of our true creative Self.

Image by Alessio Soggetti

"There is no competition. You are the only one who can play your note. But can you hold it? Can you play it clearly? Does it have resonance? Is your instrument in tune? That is our work. Not to drown out the sound of others but to find our own and join in the symphony of God."

- Ebonee Davis -

What happens when we begin to melt, through the healing presence of relating, the subtle patterning of over-efforting, posturing, pushing, displaying, and defending ourselves - and instead - rest in our own sense of safety and ground, discover our authentic center, and allow the lens of an awakened heart to guide the way.


Let us resource and ritualize ourselves in the sacred feminine arts and unveil that which is authentic and true - all while growing in awareness of our orientation to the sacred axis of being, belonging, and becoming. 

Image by Sophie

Who is the authentic You that is being asked to rise, to descend, to center herself in the sacred knowing of who she is; connected to her womb, her maternal ancestral line, the sacred rhythms of her natural way, and the Power that rests within the soft strength of an undefended heart.

                     touch in with all aspects of our humanness at some point in our Journey together: 

  • Family dynamics

  • Living in a female body: menstraul cycle, sex stories, relationship with women, men and our bodies

  • Sexuality & Female Orgasmic Potential 

  • Money as Mirror, Energy & a Sacred Game 

  • Careers, destiny, vocation, service

  • Relationships 

  • Ritual & Rites of Passage

  • Art ~ our relationship to our Artist and Creativity 

  • The relationship with our Voice and our Song

  • Power, Confidence, Self-Assuredness

  • Relationship to Food, Nourishment, and Receiving 

  • Emotions ~ Anger, Grief, Shame, Forgiveness, Love

  • Relationship to Medicines: our own medicine, life as medicine, mind-altering medicines

We will

Bringing conscious awareness and intentionality to our life path - walking towards clarity in the why and how we live our life. In my experience, this is where joy, rest and self-assuredness live ~ in the intimate knowing of who and why we are; in the deep trust of our capacity to relate to Life from a place of inner alignment and sweet self-love.

Fall Equinox '23 - Spring Equinox '24
Opening Weekend Retreat in TBA Northern California Location
Remainder of Meetings Online via Zoom
For an Intimate Circle
of 8 Women

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