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Kalea  is devoted to the soul evolutionary path guided by a deep listening, an attunement to the realms of the mystical, magical and mysterious, and a passion for trauma-informed healing work, embodiment and freedom of expression; expanding our capacity to be with emotion and deep feeling, and transforming our pain into art and intimacy.   

As a California born woman, with no sense of cultural roots, she is on a sacred journey of reclaiming her ancestral inheritance. Her ancestors originate from European land, with the majority of ancestry coming from Portuguese and Irish soil. She bows to the reconnection process of one’s roots and sense of home, within and without.  


Kalea’s life was profoundly influenced through the experience of being diagnosed with a rare blood clotting disorder when she was 18 years old, after experiencing pulmonary emboli (multiple blood clots in the lungs). Shortly after this incident and being told she was lucky to be alive, her menstrual cycle disappeared for 3 years. The only advise she received from the western medical field was to go on birth control, which was one of the contributing factors in her blood clots, and therefore, not an option. This experience unbeknownst to her at the time, initiated her on a healing journey that led to years of travel, retreats and deep exploration in the sacred relationship between body and earth - coming home to the wisdom of cycles and the feminine way. Through reconnecting with her feeling experience and honoring the messages of her body, her menstrual cycle naturally returned. She learned an immense amount through this process, and has since been deeply awake to the sacred intersection of our life experiences and our soul’s mission, as well as the foundational principle of ‘sacred rhythms’ as the heart of a holistic and creative relationship with life.  


She is passionate about liberating shame and expression in the experience of being female, understanding eros and desire as a pathway to freedom, as well as relating to the voice as an instrument and reflection of where we are living in our body. 


It’s been her work with somatic therapy for 2 decades, and her growing understanding of child hood emotional development, attachment wounding and how trauma lives in the body that have made huge impacts in her development and understanding of the inner sciences of healing and transformation. 


She is the Founder of SacredHeart.Earth, an organization in service to a heart-centered, earth-loving culture, which is now in the sacred listening of how to best respond to this evolutionary moment. She is the co-founder of Ceu do Novo Mundo, INC, a church non-profit organization that supports the preservation of indigenous wisdom ways, as well as offered 7 years of ceremonial gatherings through their platform SacredJourney.Earth. 


Her formal education includes an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from the University of San Diego, and a Masters degree in Transpersonal Psychology with a focus on Creative Expression from Sofia University. She is currently working towards a PhD in Wisdom Studies from Ubiquity University, as well as is enrolled in a 3 year study with Thomas Hubl on individual/collective trauma and personal transformation through the mystical lens of the inner sciences. 


She has experienced a month long dieta with late paje, Tata of the Yawanawa tribe in the Amazon jungle in Brazil, as well as multiple other 10 day and month long diets, primarily working with the energy of prayer and of the Serpent. 


Her travels have also led her to countless retreats, trainings and studies in the realm of breath work, meditation, tantra and somatic sexual bodywork, yoga teacher trainings, dance studies (ecstatic, 5rhythms, and Brazilian zouk), Reiki, Ayurveda, Vedic astrology, Gene Keys and more. 


In her free time, you can find her dancing, practicing guitar, cuddling with her pup, studying esoteric sciences, being a lizard in the sun or playing in a body of water. 

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'Do not be afraid of the empty place. It is the source we must return to if we are to be free of the stories and habits that entrap us’ 

– Charles Eisenstein

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