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My name is Ava (pronounced A-va), and it's a pleasure to welcome you into my sacred corner of this wild world of the web. Here you will find some of the ways I express my energy, my service, and my art in the world. 


Embodied Earth Arts

Storytelling through spoken word poems, dance, and ritual performance arts is one of the ways I've discovered to remain in my body and heart and alchemize feeling into art. It is also one of the ways I've found to be a voice for evolutionary change on the planet, as well as bring more ritual and art into the world.


It is an ode to the Artist and Lover that lives within each of us. It is in service to the restoration of the Artist and the Lover through the Healing Path.

Working Together


Somatic Guide, Advisor, Energetic Seer, Emotional Ally, Life Coach, Ceremonial Facilitator, and Friend.

I utilize a trauma-informed therapeutic lens, a refined intuition, life experiences, and a web of resources to support the connection with one's somatic intelligence, authenticity, creativity, and capacity to live in a co-creative relationship with uncertainty and mystery.

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Embodied Eros. 

This is a high-touch, transformational 9-month group container designed to serve spiritually inclined women on their journey of embodiment, empowerment, and becoming an evolutionary ally in the movement towards a more loving and just world. The next cohort is scheduled for March 2025. More Information to be Announced Summer 2024.  


Online Courses

Opening and deepening in the comfort of home. These offerings are intended to be brief and highly concentrated, seeding ideas and creating a contextual framework that can support deeper embodiment, expression, and empowerment. You will find them categorized into Erotic Aliveness, The Voice, Womb & Rhythm, and Nourish.

Coming Soon


Retreats & Gatherings

After running an (ayahuasca) retreat business for 7 years, I have arrived at an interest in collective gatherings - gatherings that utilize and celebrate the embodiment of a variety of different voices and ways. You will find my retreats and gathering offerings at the S.H.E. Collective, offered alongside dear sisters and brothers. 


Sacred | Heart | Earth

S.H.E. Collective is the home of a collaborative culture that intends to serve the return to the body, the earth, and to relational intimacy. S.H.E. hosts gatherings and retreats that serve the collective and the emergent future that is being born through our togetherness.

The ethos of S.H.E is anchored in a revival of reverent relationship to the sacred passages of birth and death. It highlights a culture of celebration - of how we pray, heal, laugh, and grieve - and how we be with the seasons of change, as well as the collective pains of life. 

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